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BR number series 780xx and 781xx were twin jib cranes, usually used for lifting track panels. Many were based on Warwells, although others had specialist frames.
NOTE – These photographs are low quality scans and may not print well. Do not order larger prints.
78007   215 TRM @ Bristol East Depot 80-09-08 � Paul Bartlett wDRB78007___DW215__1M_DRB78007___DW215__2m_DR78011_TRU_5_ZZV__m_DR78011_ZZV___TRU5__m_DM748301_DRB78101__m_DRB78103__DM748321___m_DRB78104___DE000480__m_DRB78105__DB965187___1m_DRB78105__DB965187___m_DM748311 DRB78106 @ Doncaster TMD 83-07-02 © Paul Bartlett WDM748311_DRB78106__m_DM748339_78107__1m_DM748339_78107__m_DM748339_DRB78107__m_DM748306_DRB78112_TRM13__1m_DM748306_DRB78112_TRM13__m_DM748306 78112 T.R.M.13 @ Luton 83-07-25 © Paul Bartlett WDM748319_DRB78113_YJW__m_78115___DW275__m_

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