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There are two number series of Bulk Salt wagons of similar design. As can be seen they were in a dreadful state within a few years of use. Some were transferred to Aggregate use.
I would like to dedicate this collection to the memory of my friend and early mentor David Jenkinson whom died whilst I was scanning these slides in April 2004. David may have hated these wagons - they had no style, were ugly, unkempt and were not finished in Midland Red/LMS Crimson or BR Maroon [which he was adamant was the same colour just applied with less and less care]. But they earned their keep and were purposeful, which he respected. However, 40+ years ago he was wonderfully kind and supportive of a callow youth whom he recognised was a kindred lover of railways, especially rolling stock and was willing to spend a life recording their history. A glass to you David! Love.
PR8257 Bulk SaltPR8262 Bulk SaltPR8263 Bulk SaltPR8265 Bulk SaltPR8269 PGAPR8270 PGA ex Bulk Salt aggregate @ Merehead Quarry 85-08-29 © Paul Bartlett wPR8273 Salt @ Folly Lane 79-10-28 � Paul Bartlett WPR8277 PGAPR8279 Bulk SaltPR8280 PGA ex Bulk Salt aggregate @ Merehead Quarry 85-08-29 © Paul Bartlett wPR8283 PGAPR8284 PGA 35.5t ex Bulk Salt Aggregate @ Westbury 87-04-20  © Paul Bartlett wPR8291 Bulk SaltPR8292 PGAPR8294 AggregatePR8903 Bulk SaltPR8903 PGAPR8910 AggregatePR8910 PGAPR8913 Aggregate

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