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The CEGB obtained ESSO tank wagons secondhand and re-registered them on TOPs. Some unfitted ones used the frame from CEGB double door minerals and kept the number. Includes detail photographs.
CEGB23000 Esso44244CEGB23009 ex Esso44218CEGB23019CEGB23048 ex Esso44213CEGB23051CEGB48500 [01]CEGB48500 [02]CEGB48500 [03]CEGB48500 [04]CEGB48500 [05]CEGB48500 [06]CEGB48500 [07]CEGB48500 [08]CEGB48500 [09]CEGB48500 [10]CEGB48500 [11]CEGB48500 [12]CEGB48500 [13]CEGB48501CEGB48503 Esso 606

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