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In total 512 locomotives were built by Brush and Crewe Works between 1962 and 1968. For many years the "standard" large locomotive of BR, they operated extensively across most of BR. Delightful in their original two tone green livery, after the blue years, the railfreight sector liveries really suited them. They were awe inspiring when new, I've never forgotten the first time I saw one at Kings X, far more inspiring than the American influenced English Electric designs. Lovely to still be able to go down to York station and see them regularly, more than 50 years after introduction.
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D1550 @ Hitchin August 1973 � Paul Bartlett wD1591 @ Bristol August 1965 � Paul Bartlett wD1691 @ Swindon August 1965 � Paul Bartlett wD1880 on tanks in the Midlands 67-05-30 � Paul Bartlett w1920 on bogie oil tanks @ Cardiff General Station 70-06-05 � Paul Bartlett wD1924 on steel train @ Newport February 1970 � Paul Bartlett wD1925 @ Weybridge 67-07-09 � Paul Bartlett w47xxx on Blue Circle cement train on GN London Area mainline 74-06-15 � Paul Bartlett w47xxx on COV ABs Tartan Arrow train @ Harpenden August 1973 � Paul Bartlett w47xxx on London bound express @ Oakleigh Park GN 74-06-15 � Paul Bartlett w47xxx on Parcels @ Briton Ferry 92-08-19 � Paul Bartlett w472xx on speedlink @ Aberdeen 83-04-20 � Paul Bartlett w47054 [ex D1638] @ Taunton 81-09-03 � Paul Bartlett w47074 [ex D1658] on Vanfits @ Avonmouth 78-05-31 � Paul Bartlett w47075 and PGAs @ Whatley Quarry 81-09-24 � Paul Bartlett w47079 [ex D1664] @ Ripple Lane open day 87-10-17 � Paul Bartlett [1w]47079 [ex D1664] @ Ripple Lane open day 87-10-17 � Paul Bartlett [2w]47080 [ex D1665] Titan on BBAs @ Briton Ferry 80-09-11 � Paul Bartlett w47085 [ex D1670] ICI train @ Tees yard 91-08-11 � Paul Bartlett [0w]47085 [ex D1670] ICI train @ Tees yard 91-08-11 � Paul Bartlett [1w]

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