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The Southern Region introduced an electric locomotive (later class 71) in 1960 capable of drawing power from both the third rail and from overhead catenary - which was only provided in yards.
These were followed in 1966 by what became class 73, unusually they were powered by both electric motors, with pick up from the third rail, and by diesel engines. So they could work in yards and on other railways where there was no third rail. Very successful some continue in use.
71003 @ Stewarts Lane 78-03-12 � Paul Bartlett w71011 @ Stewarts Lane 78-03-12 � Paul Bartlett w73001 ex E6001 Diesel Electric @ Stewarts Lane 80-03-08 � Paul Bartlett w73108 @ Three Bridges 87-12-20 � Paul Bartlett w73114 awaits departure at Waterloo 81-12-02 � Paul Bartlett [1w]73114 awaits departure at Waterloo 81-12-02 � Paul Bartlett [2w]73118 on Rugby Cement tanks @ Mulford Southampton 79-08-16 � Paul Bartlett w73125 Stewarts Lane 1960 ? 1985 @ Hoo Junction 86-12-06 � Paul Bartlett w73130 on Rugby Cement tanks passing Woking 85-11-16 � Paul Bartlett w73139 Ballast empties @ Hoo Junction 82-10-03 � Paul Bartlett w73210 Selhurst on VSOE @ Dover 92-05-10 � Paul Bartlett wD5384 & E6047 at Brent Sidings 67-05-20DB979514 YEA PORPOISE   73005 @ Woking 87-03-15 � Paul Bartlett [1W]

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