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Esso rebuilt its own wagons, and some from other companies as Bitumen carrying wagons. The BR TOPS diagrams do not record this alteration.
ESSO44654 BITUMENESSO44666 BitumenESSO44669 Bitumen PLYMOUTH [1]ESSO44669 Bitumen PLYMOUTHESSO44673 BITUMENESSO44687 BITUMENESSO44688 BITUMENESSO44690 BITUMENESSO44694 BITUMENESSO44702 BITUMEN PURFLEETESSO44716 Bitumen PURFLEETESSO44720 Bitumen PURFLEETESSO44721 Bitumen PURFLEETESSO44724 BitumenESSO44727 Bitumen PURFLEETESSO44748 BitumenESSO44754 BitumenESSO44758 BitumenESSO44760 BitumenESSO44766 Bitumen

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