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Esso rebuilt some of the earlier tank wagons for bitumen, with air braking and Bruninghaus suspension.
ESSO43194 TSA Bitumen [1]ESSO43194 TSA Bitumen [2]ESSO43194 TSA BitumenESSO44425 TSA BitumenESSO44428 TSA BitumenESSO44433 TSA BitumenESSO44439 TSA BitumenESSO44441 TSA BitumenESSO44445 TSA BitumenESSO44454 TSA BitumenESSO44458 TSA BitumenESSO44464 TSA BitumenESSO44466 TSA BitumenESSO44473 TSA BitumenESSO44475 TSA BitumenESSO44476 TSA BitumenESSO44485 TSA BitumenESSO44488 TSA BITUMENESSO44492 TSA Bitumen

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