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Esso had batches of vacuum braked Bitumen tanks able to carry 22tons built in 1959 and 1963. During 1984 some of these were converted to air brake with Bruninghaus suspension (in other collection). They had lagged barrels with air flame tubes in one end. Note that original numbers were four figures; TOPS added an additional '4'.
ESSO3179 BITUMENESSO43146 Bitumen PrototypeESSO43149 BitumenESSO43156 BitumenESSO43176 BitumenESSO43180 BitumenESSO43180 BITUMINOUSESSO43185 Bitumen [1]ESSO43185 BitumenESSO43186 BitumenESSO43190 BitumenESSO44427 BitumenESSO44433 BitumenESSO44444 BitumenESSO44445 BitumenESSO44454 BitumenESSO44457 PitchESSO44472 Bitumen [1]ESSO44472 Bitumen [2]ESSO44472 Bitumen

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