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Fina had their own fleets of light and heavy bogie fuel oil tank wagons, including lagged examples. 85640, 85641 & 85644 are mistakenly posted as Standard built, they were built by Chas Roberts. FINA 855XX FINA 856XX
FINA85501 TEAFINA85502 TEAFINA85508 TEAFINA85510 TEAFINA85515 TEAFINA85517 TEAFINA85518 TEAFINA85519 TEAFINA85520 TEAFINA85521 TEAFINA85525 TEA [1]FINA85525 TEAFINA85526 TEAFina85610 Class BFina85610 shieldFINA85619 TEAFINA85623 TEAFINA85626 TEAFINA85628 TEAFINA85630 TEA

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