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The GWR brake van developed a distinctive style with a single end verandah. During the 1960s this was seen as being potentially dangerous as there was restricted exit from the caboose. Also the sanding gear was in the open.
DW14080 ZPODRA81554_DW17230__m_DW17244 ZTO [1]DW17244 ZTODW17244 ZXODW17244DW17247 GWR brake van SLOUGH FOR ENGINEERS USE ONLY [Diag AA20 Lot 1383 Swindon 1942] @ Swindon C&W 79-05-19 © Paul Bartlett wDW17247 ZTO GWR brake van SLOUGH FOR ENGINEERS USE ONLY Diag AA20 Lot 1383 Swindon 1942 @ Exeter 81-09-02 © Paul Bartlett wDW17290 ZPP GWR Brake van [Diag AA20 @ Radyr 82-04-12 © Paul Bartlett wDW17305DW17399 ZTVDW17399  = 060908 ZTV GWR brake van Diag AA21@ Radyr 82-04-12 © Paul Bartlett w17410__m_DW17415 ZTVDW17426DW17431DW17447 ZTVDW17447DW17448 ZTV [1]DW17448 ZTV [2]

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