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Mostly ex GWR coaches in the DW150xxx series, but includes some small cranes, other coaches etc.
The low numbers were the GWR Pilot van series.
W7W Dynamometer car © Paul Bartlett Collection wW22W Tool van MP © Paul Bartlett Collection WDW23 M&E MATCH  truck crane no. 23 © Paul Bartlett Collection wDW23 at Swindon Works 75-09-13W80W Mess van MP © Paul Bartlett Collection wW90W Tool van MP © Paul Bartlett Collection WW96 FL MESS VAN LOCO WORKS SWINDON © Paul Bartlett Collection wW117W mess van MP @ Machynlleth 08-1960 © Paul Bartlett – Geoff Williams Collection wW145W Tool van @ Machynlleth 08-1960 © Paul Bartlett – Geoff Williams Collection WDW157 MP © Paul Bartlett Collection w174ADW 198 ZRV Enparts at Swindon Works 79-05-19ADW204 Enparts at Swindon works 80-10-05ADW224 Cowans SheldonW292 GWR Iron Mink STJ SAND VAN © Paul Bartlett Collection wGWR340 at Worcester 78-10-15 [1]GWR340 at Worcester 78-10-15 [2]

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I have viewed your 'library' often and have now purchased copies of some of the GWR Departmental Coaches pictures. The print quality is excellent and the service very quick. Many thanks for your efforts in putting this resource together for the benefit of historians and modellers alike
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