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Carrying 60ft. rail lengths required a long wagon, and the GWR had a design of bolster wagon which was 62ft. over headstocks code named Gane A, the earlier J26 had Churchward brake, the later a Morton brake. They strayed from the WR, some being used in Scotland.
DW30733 GWR Gane @ York Leeman Rd. 84-09-15 � Paul Bartlett wDW40053 Gane A YLODW40058 YLO GANE ADW40076 YLO [1]DW40076 YLODW40079 GANE ADW40083 YLODW40085 GANE YLODW40087 GANE ADW40089 GANE A YLODW40091 YLO Gane ADW40092 GANE A YLODW40093 GANE A YLO [1]DW40093 GANE A YLODW40095 GANE ADW60838 GANE ADW60851 Gane A YLO [1]DW60851 Gane A YLODW60860 = IU097008 GANE [1]DW60860 = IU097008 GANE

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