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The GWR introduced a 14t ballast carrying open wagon made of steel in 1899 and, with an increase in length to 20ft. were built upto, and after, nationalisation. Churchward and Morton brake riggings were used. The branding LING was only occasionally carried.
DW30655 ZCO 'Ling' 14tDW30662 ZCO 'Ling' 14t [1]DW30662 ZCO 'Ling' 14tDW30693 rail winch 14t at Dewsnap 81-04-17DW30697 ZAO 'Ling' 14tDW30698 ZCO 'Ling' 14tDW30763 GRAMPUS rail winchDW30778 ZCO Ling @ Ebbw Junction 80-09-09 � Paul Bartlett wDW30782 ZCO 'Ling' 14tDW40112 'Ling'DW40112 SLEEPER @ Hitchin engineers 76-02-22 © Paul Bartlett wDW40113 'Ling'DW40119 ZCO LING @ Ebbw Junction 81-09-04 � Paul Bartlett wDW40125 Ballast 'Ling'14tDW40213 Ling on 67-05-20 � Paul Bartlett wDW40235 'Ling'DW80069 ZCO Ballast 14tDW80083 ZCO LING 14tDW80135 Ballast 'Ling'14tDW80421 'Ling'

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