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Collett and Hawksworth BGs, a milk van and bullion van, includes internal user. Other collections have Siphons, Fruit D & Monster.
GW1399_Milk_van__m_W65W_brake__1m_W65W_brake__2m_FA99906 W70 blueW161W_brake__m_W556 CCT GWR Python diag P14 � Paul Bartlett Collection wADB975157 Enparts at Swindon Works 79-05-19ADB975158 ENPARTS @ Swindon Works 80-10-05 © Paul Bartlett wW291W___041405_brake__m_W315W___041426_brake__m_W318W_brake__m_W333W_brake__m_W819W_Bullion__m_W3450W Fruit D © Paul Bartlett Collection WW2369W FRUIT D @ Richmond Surrey 67-08-31  © Paul Bartlett Collection WUnidentifiable FRUIT D © Paul Bartlett Collection WADB975640 Break down train @ Reading Plant 87-04-20 � Paul Bartlett [1w]ADB975640 Break down train @ Reading Plant 87-04-20 � Paul Bartlett [2w]FA99901 greenFA99901 red-cream

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