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GWR open merchandise wagons evolved over time from 9 to 10ft wheelbase. All were plank ended and they had either a single broad plank or a narrow 6th plank. Those built with vacuum brake appear to have had an upright pipe, a feature which distinguishes them from the BR VB conversions. Includes some clayhoods.
W1320022534 GWR 10t frame @ Long Marston 92-04-15 � Paul Bartlett [1w]22534 GWR 10t frame @ Long Marston 92-04-15 � Paul Bartlett [2w]GW24203W25190041207_ex_W27038__1m_041207_ex_W27038__m_KDW27184DW27318KDW27445W27565 ClaylinerW27593 claylinerKDW27184 [1]LDW28102 GWR Open @ Derby Works 77-08-13 © Paul Bartlett wLDW28102KDW28349DW31346 ZGVDW31664 ZGO open merchandise @ Longport Junction 80-08-03 � Paul Bartlett wLDW31684 ZGV [1]LDW31684 ZGV

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