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Siphon G's were originally milk vans used on the GWR, with many newly built by BR between 1950-55. Those rebuilt as ambulances during WW2 returned but had a noticeable difference in boarding up of the louvres. BR used many for Newspapers. This collection includes some in BR blue and some others from the 1950s. Information from Slinn J ; Clarke K (1986) GW Siphons. Publ. HMRS ISBN 0 902835106.
W1013 NNV rebuiltW1013 Siphon GS1017 NNVW1021W SIPHON GW1033 NNVW1034W SIPHON GW1047 NNVW1310 NMVW1326 NNVW1457W SIPHON GW2774 Siphon GW2800 NMV [Siphon G]W2800 NMVW2980 NMVSiphonsADW150322 American bogieADW150422 QRV Enparts at Swindon Works 79-05-19ADB975373 bogie at Swindon Works 79-05-19ADB975373 brake at Swindon Works 79-05-19ADB975373 Enparts at Swindon Works 79-05-19

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