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The GWR introduced an 8t ballast carrying open wagon made of steel in the 1890s and, with a change in the side door arrangement and increase to 10t payload a substantially similar wagon was built until 1949. Some internal users in the collection. Officially known as 'Starfish' I have never seen this branding used.
060963 DW80669 Ballast 10t060967 DW40340 Ballast 10t060968 DW100839 Ballast 10t068623 Ballast 10t [1]068623 Ballast 10t068623 GWR 10T Ballast open @ Cardiff Docks 81-09-04 � Paul Bartlett w068683 W43411 Ballast 10t070046 ex W32487 10t070047 GWR Ballast 10ton @ Newport Docks 80-09-09 � Paul Bartlett w070048 Ballast 10t070057 ex W14335 Ballast open 10ton  Diag P14 @ Newport Docks 82-04-10 © Paul Bartlett w070057 W14335 10t [2]070057 W14335 10t [3]070057 W14335 Ballast 10t070062 = DW60906 10ton Ballast @ Cardiff Docks 80-09-10 � Paul Bartlett wDW30884 Ballast 10tDW30974 Ballast 10tDW40318 Ballast 10tDW60933 Ballast 10tDW60933 Ballast end

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