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As reparations after WW2 a number of tank wagons built to carry Hydrogen peroxide for the German V bombs were acquired by the MoD. Some were Tops coded and diagram TR020A was issued for them. They worked to Laporte Chemicals etc. Photographed in detail out of use at Bishopton ROF.
The barrel of 40303 was constructed Anton Ellinghaus KG BECKUM IW no. 7988/8 in 1943. MODA 40305 ex P/11 recorded as same builder no. 12791 7/10/43.
MODA40325 the barrel was constructed Wilhelm nr. 287 Saimidding 1/11/44.
Axleboxes of 40403 also have similar 1943 date.
BR registration details are given on the photos
MODA40303 H202MODA40303 bwMODA40303 cent ltMODA40303 endMODA40303 fillerMODA40303 frameMODA40303 innerMODA40303 leftMODA40303 side ltMODA40303 side centMODA40303 rtMODA40303 rt endMODA40303 topMODA40325 Hydrogen peroxide sideMODA40325 Hydrogen peroxide [3]MODA40325 Hydrogen peroxideMODA40325 bwMODA40325 leftMODA40325 cent ltMODA40325 cent rt

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