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Three small fleets of tank wagons originally leased or owned by ICI from 1975-77. Later some were hired to ATO and Dow Chemicals and others were used for China clay. Note although the code TTA is used for several this is a mistake.
TU010APR70138 ICI Caustic SodPR70138 TUA Caib Caustic Soda DowPR70139 ICI Caustic SodaPR70139 TTA ICI Caustic SodaPR70140 ICI Caustic SodaPR70141 TUA Caib Caustic Soda DowPR70142 ICI Caustic SodaPR70143 ICI Caustic Soda [1]PR70143 ICI Caustic SodaPR70146 ICI Caustic SodaPR70146 TTA ICI Caustic Soda [3]PR70146 TTA ICI Mond Caustic Soda [2]PR70148 TTA Caustic Soda Dow [1]PR70148 TTA ICI Caustic SodaPR70149 TTA Caustic Soda DowPR70149 TTA ICI Caustic Soda [1]TU013ATRL70700 ICI Caustic Soda [1]TRL70700 ICI Caustic Soda [2]

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