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ICI had an extensive fleet of unfitted wagons for liquid chlorine built between 1943 and 1953 with some similar, longer wheelbase wagons for hydrofluoric acid. They went out of use in 1983. Details and drawing were published as Bartlett, Paul W. & Fidczuk, Peter (1990) Tank wagons, part 2. ICI 14ton liquid chlorine tanks. Model Railways vol. 7 (part 8) pp 421 - 425.
ICIM47404 = 701ICIM47407 [1]ICIM47407ICIM47408ICIM47414ICIM47417ICIM47421ICIM47425ICIM47427 = 1278ICIM47427ICIM47428ICIM47429ICIM47438 = 1307ICIM47438ICIM47442ICIM47443ICIM47461 = 1339ICIM47462DB999094 ex ICI Chlorine LMR drain train @ Northampton PAD 89-02-19 � Paul Bartlett W1358 Plate

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