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The main marshalling area for this works, on the Mersey, was alongside a public road and easily viewed.
83 80 279-7 674-9P CargowaggonBRT57598 Caustic SodaBRT57599 Caustic SodaBRT57718 TTA ICI Caustic Soda @ Folly Lane 82-04-17 � Paul Bartlett wICIM47427 = 1278ICIM47427ICIM47438 = 1307ICIM47438ICIM47443ICIM47461 = 1339ICIM47485ICIM47523 [1]ICIM47523ICIM47543ICIM47553ICIM70805 ICI Caustic SodaICIM70816 ICI Caustic SodaPR8257 Bulk SaltPR8263 Bulk SaltPR8279 Bulk Salt

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