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BR built a large batch (1000) of Iron ore tipplers which were vacuum braked. Later they converted many of an earlier lot to similar VB. These were used for Stone (aggregate) traffic and their high capacity meant, during the 1980s that they were popular with civil engineers as spoil carriers.
B385687 MSV at Merehead Quarry 79.06.04B385744 MSVB385794 MSV Stone @ Luton 80-07-12 © Paul Bartlett wB385866 MSVB385893 MSV Stone at Castle Cary 75.08.28DB385919 ZKVB385925 MSV @ Merehead Foster Yeoman 81-09-24 © Paul Bartlett wB385946 MSV StoneB385953 MSV @ Luton 80-07-12 © Paul Bartlett wB386041 MSVB386049 MSV StoneDB386056 ZKVB386075 MSV StoneB386078 MSVB386096 MSV Stone at Castle Cary 75.08.28B386309 MSVB386341 MSV StoneB386470 MSV Stone @ Stoke Longport Junction 87-01-02 © Paul Bartlett wB386513 MSV StoreB386519 MSV

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