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As Stores vans and in internal use, mostly the 6 wheel Express Fish also a 4 wheel version. I have unuseable photographs showing 6 wh. Fish condemned in 1968 and as a Stores in 1967.
NOTE – These photographs are low quality scans and may not print well. Do not order larger prints.
ADM40258_STORES__m_ADM40261_STORES__m_ADM40270_ZRV__m_ADM40279 ZRV Horwich Works 79-10-27 © Paul Bartlett [W]ADM40302_STORES__m_ADM40321_STORES__m_ADM40329_ZRV__m_M39475___061017__0m_M39475___061017__1m_M39475___061017__2m_M_024106_Fish__1m_M_024106_Fish__2m_M_024106_Fish__3m_M_024106_Fish__4m_M_024106_Fish__5m_M_024106_Fish__6m_Unidentified__M40226___m_Unidentified__M40226___1m_

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