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Between 1936 and 1947 the LMS built 459 Sleeper wagons.They were similar to the commoner Sole ballast wagons but had fixed ends. A variety of liveries is shown towards the end of their lives. A few lasted until the general demise of unfitted wagons.
DM749071 ZCODM749117 ZCODM749125 ZCODM749173 ZCODM749208 ZAODM749208 ZCODM749208DM749210 ZCO HADDOCKDM749210 ZCO HADDOCK [2]DM749271 ZCODM749304 ZCODM749333 ZCO Haddock @ Longport Junction 80-08-03 � Paul Bartlett wDM749355 ZAODM749363 ZCO HADDOCKDM749396DM749398 HADDOCKDM749405 ZCODM749407 ZCODM749418 ZAODM749451 ZAO

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