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The LNER had an unusual 2 plank high bogie bolster, the design of which also resembled the Bogie Plate with two drop doors - these became a BR standard design, even down to being airbraked. Later Bogie Bolsters were steel but unexplained they were withdrawn quite early in BR days compared to earlier designs of other companies. Also contains NERly.
E129081 BOGIE BOLSTER CE15---- D-BOLSTERE159439 [0]E159439 [2]E159439 [3]E159439 [4]E159439 [1]E159439 [5]ADE159671 YVO [0]ADE159671 [1]ADE159671 YVO [3]ADE159671 [2]ADE159705 YNODE228894DE228943 YNO [1]DE228943 YNO [2]DE229053 SIGTROFE306-34=5870E306358=B507E306400

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