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Some early pre-group designs and the main LNER designs, the final one leading to the standard BR van design.
23791 GNER44824 NERE040534 GERADE133340 Toad BE133357 Toad BE139712E140580 Toad BLDE157838 ZYV Toad DLDE157838 ZYVDE161994 Toad EUnknown LNER Toad @ Whitemoor 80-06-28 � Paul Bartlett wDE178498 Toad EDE178498 Toad E [e]E178614 Toad EDE187636 ZTV Toad DDE187699 ZTVDE187774 Toad DLDE235063 ZYW Toad DLDE235063 ZYW Toad D [1]LDE235431 brake van @ Luton 80-08-26 � Paul Bartlett w

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