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A selection of photos during the 1950s of LNER design coaches, include catering, sleeping and non corridor stock.
Many of the details are incomplete. If you know more, please use the comments to add to information. Thanks.
[LNER 232 CAR NO 79 probably] Pullman Parlour Brake Third Pres @ NYMR Pickering 93-02-17 � Paul Bartlett w4 [Metropolitan 427] 'Dreadnought' Brake Pres @ Keighley & Worth Valley Rly 73-08-26 � Paul Bartlett w20445102E51598 [1]51598 [2]CC. 66CLC M313CLC M319E43x35E_Cafeteria__m_E45..E438EE668E [1w]E668E [2w]E1181 1182E1181_1182__m_E1200 1898E1211EE1337EE1354E

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Dave Cullingworth
Carriage listed as E43x35E_Cafeteria__m_
This was a GNR 1st class diner built in 1906 to diagram GN46 and originally numbered 3035. It became E43035E in BR day’s and was rebuilt into a cafeteria car in 1953, finally withdrawn in 1961.
Alan Woodard(non-registered)
Photos 51598/1 and /2 Are of one of the GCR Parker Dining Saloons in Departmental use.
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