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In 1936 the LNER introduced all steel hopper wagons for coal. Built until about 1950, (when BR continued building the same design) they used three different solebars, riveting and welding for the bodies and a batch of heavier duty wagons were built early in WW2 using fittings originally intended for wagons destined for continental Europe; minor differences were numerous. Includes wagons in industrial internal use. Parkside Dundas have a 7mm kit representing the first built wagons.
E193292 HOP 21E194020 = 18E194512 = 92E194544 = 210E206005 = 214E206561 = 112E206660 = 91E251659 HOP 21 (MoT)E251701K HOP 21E251793E253265 = 205E253421KE253690 HOP 21 (MoT)E260588 HOP 21E269297 HTOE269643 HOP 21E270834 HTOE270860 HOP 21E270949 HTOE273946 HTO

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