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The LNER number series had a selection of different designs of wooden open merchandise, and were built either vacuum brake or unbraked - which BR usually converted to VB in the later 1950s. Several internal user. Includes LOWFITs and bogie BRICK.
090198__m_E152846___091464__m_E163538_Bogie_brick__m_E163538_brick__m_E451025_GNR_brick__m_PBA61060 = 182695 ex LNER open merchandise Internal user @ Avonmouth Docks 80-09-08 � Paul Bartlett wE183333DE191160__m_DE197619__m_E197686___091484_091__m_E201902___091543_091__m_E202827 LOWFITE210169___024236_091__1m_E210169___024236_091__2m_E210169___024236_091__3m_E213805___079014_120__m_079014 = E213805 LNER open merchandise internal @ Swansea Dock 80-09-10 � Paul Bartlett wE217378___090226_120__m_DE214063_120__m_E218147___082141_092__m_

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