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From about 1971 BR rebuilt LNER hopper wagons with a 3 part side, as they did many of the later BR built wagons. The frames, brake and running gear usually remained as originally supplied.
E193281 HOP 21E274020 = 193 HTO [2]E274020 = 193127 = E289871 Rebody huck bolt Shildon 1976 [ex Metropolitan Cammel] 1946 @ Onllwyn Colliery 92-07-18 © Paul Bartlett wE302216 HTOE302240 HTOE302245 HTOE303024 = 72856E303410 HOP 21HTOE304142 = 72857E304503 HTOE304632 = OE72858E304789 HTOE306735 HOP 21HTOE306981K HOP 21E307334 = 72937 [1]E307334 = 72937E307392 = 891E307496 HTOE307570 HTO

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