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An unusual evening! First night of a local musical festival, a night to meet the band and some of the MA regulars. Line up
"Andy Smith", "Brian Josh", "Heather Findlay", "Liam Davison", "Olivier Sparnenn", “Chris Johnson” “Andy Jennings”
DSCN0426 [l]DSCN0428 HeatherDSCN0431 HeatherDSCN0433 HeatherDSCN0437 LiamDSCN0439 AndyDSCN0447 LiamDSCN0448 [l]DSCN0449 AndyDSCN0450 A L ADSCN0453 BryanDSCN0455 HeatherDSCN0456 AngieDSCN0458 HeatherDSCN0461 Heather AngieDSCN0463 Liam HeatherDSCN0465 Liam AngieDSCN0466 HeatherDSCN0468 Heather livvyDSCN0471 Bryan Livvy

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