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Another of the infamous Xmas Parties, much silliness, and even more superb music. White Christmas will never be the same again! But once again, they refused to sing Little Donkey, why or why? "Andy Smith", ", "Iain Jennings", “Angela Goldthorpe” "Brian Josh", "Heather Findlay", "Liam Davison", “Andy Jennings” Troy Donnockley
Img0770 Angie IainImg0772 TroyImg0778 HeatherImg0779 BryanImg0780 LiamImg0781 AngieImg0782 HeatherImg0783 HeatherImg0785 Liam AngieImg0786 Heather LiamImg0787 mostlyImg0790 IainImg0793Img0795 BryanImg0797 HeatherImg0805 AngieImg0807 Bryan AndyImg0812 TroyImg0814 IainImg0815 heather

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