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Between 1971 - 3 BR built 2600 new mineral wagon bodies, welded construction with 2 side doors and end door, on redundant underframes from 21 and 24.5ton hoppers. Renumbered B315000 - 1799. Written up in Larkin, David & Mann, Trevor (1983) British Railways 21 ton Mineral Wagons - the rebuilding programme. Model Railway Constructor vol. 50 (part 596) pp 708 - 711 & 697.
B315018 COAL 21B315018 MDOB315070 MDOB315077 COAL 21B315087 MDOB315230 MDOB315235 MDOB315437 MDO COAL 21B315447 MDOB315526 MDOB315626 COAL 21B315632 MDOB315739B315854 MDOB315856 MDOB315882 COAL 21B315927 MDO66 = B316029 rebodied 2 door Internal @ Grimethorpe Coalite 88-04-13 � Paul Bartlett wB316111 MDOB316146 MDO

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