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Although appearing similar to the much earlier mineral wagons BR used the underframes from Palbricks to build 394 new mineral wagons between 1975-8. They were 1 ft. longer than the earlier ones and had two distinct brake riggings, both features making them popular with modellers.
B596016 MCVB596069 COAL 16VB claspB596074 COAL 16VBB596162 COAL 16VBB596196 COAL 16VBB59620210 MCV claspB596204 MXVDB596236 ZHVB596323 MCVB596326 MCV [1]B596326 MCVB596330 MXV RCH VBB596334 MXVDB596366 ZHVDB596381 ZHV RCH VBB596384 ZHVDB596389 ZHV clasp brakeB596392 MCV

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