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BR 16 ton standard mineral wagons converted in later life to have a Morton vacuum brake rigging. It is reported that 5000 were rebuilt between 1966 - 68 from lots 2917 - 2922, but there are some from other lots. Includes a few colliery internal users.
B133019 COAL 16VBB560313 MCVB561093 MCVB561357 COAL 16VBB561691 MXVB561754 COAL 16VBOE72422 = B562447B563292 MXVB563747 MXVB564254 MCVB564584 MXVDB565734 ZHVB565938 MCVB565955 MCVB566207 MXVB566590 MXVDB566779 ZHVB567259 MCVDB567838 ZHVB568249 MCV

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