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During and since WW2 the War Department has used Warflat and Warwell wagons to carry tanks and other armoured vehicles etc. Although they can be loaded from end loading banks there were 75 flat wagons which had removable wheelsets/axleguards and buffers which could hinge out of the way. They then lowered the end and used them as a loading ramp. The photographs give the idea. There was no identification at all on the one seen at Newcastle - although clearly not in internal use! They were built 1941 - 2 and just 5 were registered on TOPS MODA95000 - 04.
MOD Unident ramp bw 2MOD Unident ramp bwMOD Unident ramp remove endMOD Unidentified ramp 1MOD Unidentified ramp 2MOD Unidentified ramp centreMOD Unidentified ramp endMOD Unidentified ramp sideMODA 95000 ramp 1MODA 95000 ramp 2MODA 95000 ramp centreMODA 95000 ramp deck 1MODA 95000 ramp deck 2MODA 95000 ramp end 1MODA 95000 ramp side end 2MODA 95000 ramp side end 3MODA 95000 ramp side endMODA 95000 ramp under endMODA 95004 ramp 1MODA 95004 ramp 2

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