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Many unfitted tank wagons built early in WW2 for nitric and sulphuric acid photographed in detail. Some survived to be used with TOPS numbers and these are illustrated after going out of use and stored at ROF Bishopton. Many different diagrams in the TR002 - 7 series were issued for these wagons. Surprisingly the nitric acid tanks retained their wartime liveries - with the warning stripes on the lower half of the barrel. Others, not on TOPs in collection
MODA40269 = 19 HNO3 [1]MODA40269 Nitric Acid [2]MODA40269 Nitric AcidMODA40273 = 27 HNO3MODA40273 Nitric AcidMODA40274 generalMODA40274 HNO3MODA40274 Nitric AcidMODA40274 side ltMODA40274 side centMODA40274 side rtMODA40274MoS 35 [MODA40275] HNO£MODA40276 generalMODA40276 HNO3MODA40276 Nitric AcidMODA40278 = 2 HNO3 [1]MODA40278 = 2 HNO3 [2]MODA40278 = 2 HNO3 [3]MODA40278 = 2 HNO3 [4]

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