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Warwells were introduced in 1942 and a batch were used on BR. In the late 1970s many were rebuilt with Gloucester GPS bogies and air brake. 95549 -70 appear to have been unconverted, although found in Internal use into the 1990s still with TOPS code PFV.
MODA95500 PFB Warwell Diag PF041A body circa 1942 Gloucester, rebogied c1979 at Gloucester York Dringhouses 03-12-83 © Paul Bartlett wMODA95503 KWBMODA95510 Warwell Diag PF041A @ Plymouth Friary 82-07-26 © Paul Bartlett wMODA95511 Warwell Diag PF041A body Lancing1942, rebogied 1977 at Gloucester @ Gloucester 04-07-77 © Paul Bartlett wMODA95512 KWB Warwell Diag PF041A body Lancing 1942, rebogied c1977-9 at Gloucester 2016-10-26-0001 Ludgershall 22-07-91 © Paul Bartlett wMODA95512 KWBMODA95512 Warwell Diag PF041A body Lancing1942, rebogied c1977-9 at Gloucester @ Plymouth Friary 27-07-82 © Paul Bartlett wMODA95515 PFBMODA95518 KWBMODA95522 PFBMODA95523 KWBMODA95524 KWBMODA95524 PFB [1]MODA95524 PFBMODA95525 PFBMODA95527 KWBMODA95528 endMODA95528MODA95531 @ Whitemoor 76-11-16 � Paul Bartlett wMODA95531 KWB

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