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Many unfitted tank wagons built early in WW2 for nitric and sulphuric acid photographed in detail. Includes wood framed examples. These are ones not registered by TOPS and out of use and stored at ROF Bishopton from early 1970s. TOPS registered examples in collection
Bishopton 437 [1]Bishopton 437 [2]MOS 5  H2SO4MOS 6 H2SO4MOS 7 H2SO4MoS 10 H2SO4 [1]MoS 10 H2SO4 [2]MoS 11 H2SO4 [1]MoS 11 H2SO4 [2]MoS 11 H2SO4 [3]MoS 11 H2SO4 [4]MoS 11 H2SO4 [5]MoS 11 H2SO4 [6]MoS 12 H2SO4MoS 13 H2SO4 [1]MoS 15 MixedMoS 15 [1]MoS 15 [2]MoS 15 [3]MoS 17 Mixed [1]

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