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A small batch of Tank wagons built and owned by Procor in 1981 and on hire to Murco. Includes photos when new and after repaint in 1992.
MURC85302 TEA Murco SchlierenMURC85302 TEA [1]MURC85302 TEA [2]MURC85302 TEA [3]PR85302 TEA [4]PR85303 TEAPR85304 TEA NO WordsPR85304 TEA [1]PR85304 TEAPR85305 TEA [1]PR85305 TEA [2]PR85306 TEAPR85308 TEA no wordsPR85308 TEA [1]PR85308 TEA [2]PR85308 TEAPR85309 TEA [1]PR85309 TEA [2]PR85309 TEA [3]PR85310 TEA [1]

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