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Nothing this exciting happened in Harpenden in the 20 years I lived there! Liam celebrated the late comedian a rate payer of this town. We had a nice pint of Fullers with Bryan and Liam before the gig. Line up
"Andy Smith", “Angela Goldthorpe” "Brian Josh", "Heather Findlay", "Liam Davison", "Olivier Sparnenn", “Chris Johnson” “Andy Jennings”
DSCN0249 Heather, Angie, LiamDSCN0250 Bryan & AndyDSCN0255 BryanDSCN0257 LiamDSCN0258 Olivia & ChrisDSCN0259 AngieDSCN0263 HeatherDSCN0267 AndyDSCN0268 BryanDSCN0270 AngieDSCN0271 LiamDSCN0272 LiamDSCN0273 LiamDSCN0276 HeatherDSCN0277Heather & AngieDSCN0280 OliviaDSCN0281 Olivia & HeatherDSCN0282 AngieDSCN0283 Mostly Autumn

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