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Procar 80 PLA - Toleman RenaultThe Procar 80 was a non-articulated twin deck car carrier designed to be compatible with the numerous Cartics. 36 were built 1979-82. 76ft. oh with bogies at 62ft. centres. It was for both block train and Speedlink. Curtain sides were later added, to reduce ballast chip damage. Although seemingly a good idea they lost traffic in the early 1990s and after storage were scrapped.
PR90878 PLA RenaultPR90880 PLA RenaultPR90886 TOLD TolemanPR90893 PLA TolemanPR90895 PLA TolemanPR90897 PLA TolemanPR90899 PLA TolemanPR90904 PLA TolemanTOLD90883 PLA TolemanTOLD90884 PLA Toleman [1]TOLD90884 PLA Toleman [2]TOLD90888 PLA Toleman [1]TOLD90888 PLA TolemanTOLD90889 PLA TolemanTOLD90891 PLA Toleman [1]TOLD90891 PLA TolemanTOLD90897 PLA TolemanTOLD90906 PLA TolemanTOLD90907 PLA TolemanTOLD90907 Toleman

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