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In 1983 Standard Wagon at Heywood rebuilt 30 of the British steel lime hoppers for aggregate. Includes detail photographs.
SRW18506 PGA [1]SRW18506 PGA [2]SRW18506 PGA [04]SRW18506 PGA [05]SRW18506 PGA [06]SRW18506 PGA [07]SRW18506 PGA [08]SRW18506 PGA [09]SRW18506 PGA [03]SRW18512 PGASRW18513 PGASRW18514 PGASRW18515 PGASRW18517 PGASRW18520 PGASRW18522 PGASRW18523 PGASRW18528 PGA [1]SRW18528 PGA [2]SRW18528 PGA [3]

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