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Unusually 8 Bogie bolsters were built by Procor in 1974 and used by Sheerness Steel. At this time most steel was produced by nationalised BSC and used BR owned wagons. From the early 1980s the wagons were rebuilt as boxes for carrying scrap.
PR3000 POA scrapPR3000 PXAPR3000 Sheerness SteelPR3001 PXAPR3002 POAPR3003 102t scrapPR3003 bolsterPR3003 box scrapPR3003 POAPR3004 bolsterPR3005 PXAPR3005 PXA [1]PR3005 PXA scrapPR3005 Sheerness SteelPR3006 bolsterPR3006 scrapPR3006 Sheerness SteelPR3007 PXA

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