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Famous are the photographs of snowploughs in use, This selection shows the variety to be seen in recent years built on steam loco tenders and diesel bogies. And also the snow blower.
Bob Wallace has provided the following about some of the BR built ploughs. Origin was given as 4200 gallon ex LNER tenders [I have a note that they were V2 loco's, not confirmed]
965203-216 Cowlairs
965217-231 Eastleigh
965232-243 Swindon
Eastern 9
London Midland 20
Western 12
Order dated 16/11/1964, built between 2/1965 & 6/1965, Design office CM&EE Scottish Region Cowlairs.
The earlier 981 - 992 were built 1958-9 on tender frames from J11s see Williamson, Claire & Williamson, David (2014) Railway Snowploughs in the North East. Pub NERA, 88 pages. ISBN 978 1 873513 88 0.
ADE330970ADE330976 [m]ADE330976ADE330983DE900574DE900754 rearADE979ADB979ADB983 [2]ADB983ADB984 [2]ADB984ADB985 & ADB986ADB985 [2]ADB985ADB986 [2]ADB986ADB987 ZZPADB990

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