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Southern Railway bogie brake vans (known as Queen Mary's) built in 1936 as running on Britains Railways between 1967 and 1999.
BEWARE a few of the photographs are low quality scans and may not print.
DS56283 YTV [1]ADS56283 YTV [3]ADS56283 YTVDS56283 YTV [2]DS56283 YTV [3]DS56283 YTVDS56283_YTV_SR_Queen_Mary_brake_van_early__m_DS56283_YTV_SR_Queen_Mary_brake_van__m_KDS56283 YTV [2]KDS56283 YTVADS56283 YTV [1]ADS56283 YTV [2]LDS56288  bogie brake van @ Harpenden 80-04-03 � Paul Bartlett WADS56292 YTVADS56296 YTXADS56296_YTX_SR_Queen_Mary_brake_van__m_ADS56299_SR_Queen_Mary_brake_van__m_ADS56299_YTX_SR_Queen_Mary_brake_van__m_S56302 RPW BARRIER [2]S56302 RPW BARRIER [1]

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