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The Southern Railway, and its immediate predecessors, had distinctive brake van designs. They were surprisingly long lived and found widely across much of BR in engineers use, possibly because of their high 25ton tare. Photographs show them in the Midlands during the 1950s, and more moved when the Southern Region went air brake. Some were rebuilt, some air braked. There were also bogie vans and Sharks.
570612424 LSWR Road van Cranmore 76-04-19DS455 [ex55719] ZTV (2)DS455 [ex55719] ZTV [1]DS455 [ex55719] ZTV [2]DS455 [ex55719] ZTVDS455 [ex55719] [1]DS55138 SR BrakeDS55140 SR BrakeDS55140 ZTPDS55148 SR BrakeDS55148 ZTO [1]DS55148 ZTODS55161 ZTO [1]DS55161 ZTO [2]DS55466 ZPO SECRDS55472 SECR BRAKEDS55474 ZTO SECRDS55476 ZPW SECRDS55490 ZTO SECR

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