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The SR design CCTs were not very popular for conversion to engineers use, presumably because the end doors and ventilators were insufficiently secure. Photographs of these vans in revenue use are in another collection
Bachmann have modelled ADB975276.
DS70220 QPWDS70239 QPWDS70239 QPW [2]DS70239 ex S2373  QQV at South Lambeth 81-03-21DS70242 ex S2431 QPW at Woking 84-06-30DS70243 QPWDS70249 ex S2411 QPW at Woking 85-11-16DS70264 [ex CCT 2497] QPV at New Cross Gate 85-03-30ADB975276 at Stevenage 73-08ADB975276 QPV [2]ADB975276 QPV

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