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The Southern Railway had very distinctive Bogie 'parcels' guards and scenery vans, the last of which were built by BR. Collection includes some transferred to engineers use. Note published withdrawl data (Gould) are incorrect and some continued in use until early 1987.
083571_ex_S205__B___m_ADB977111_ex_S222_QRV__m_S230_NFV__B___m_S245_NFV__B__@ Leyton 86-12-06__m_S245_NFV_guards van B @ Leyton 86-12-06__m_S256_NFV__B___m_S258__B_@ Swindon Works 75-09-13__m_S258___B_@ Basingstoke 84-04-20 _m_S259__B__@ Derby Works 77-08-13__m_S265_NFV__B__@ New Cross Gate 85-08-03__m_S267__B_@ New Cross Gate 85-03-30__m_S268__B__@ Andover 79-06-09_m_S272__B_@ Derby Works 77-08-13__m_Unident__B___@ Clapham Junction 1968-09--- m_DB975663_ex_S4593_QXV__m_DB975663_ex_S4593_QXW__bwm_DB975663_ex_S4593_QXW__m_S4595_S4600 _SR Scenery GUV _@ Shepherdswell ESR 93-07-25_m_TDB975894_ex_S4599__GUV__@ Shrewsbury North 83-08-17__1m_TDB975894_ex_S4599__GUV_@ Shrewsbury North 83-08-17__m_

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