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A retrograde introduction from the SR were these unfitted ballast wagons with drop doors. Like the Tunny the second 'plank' was steel channel, but the side was only 4 planks high. Many were equipped with through vacuum pipes by BR. With the SR getting rid of all unfitted wagons in the later 1970s these wagons were quite widely transferred. Drawing in Bixley et al, SR Wagons vol. 4.
ADS63002 ZCP LINGADS63003 ZRP LINGADS63006 ZCP Ling Ballast open @ Farnham 81-09-02 � Paul Bartlett wADS63010 ZRPADS63011 ZRP LINGADS63013 ZBP LING Ballast open @ Farnham 81-09-02 � Paul Bartlett wADS63014 ZRP LINGADS63015 ZCP LINGADS63017 ZRPDS63020 ZCO LING [2]DS63020 ZCO LINGDS63022 ZCO LINGDS63022 ZCO LING @ Hitchin Stockyard 80-08-26 � Paul Bartlett wADS63034 ZRPDS63035 ZCO LING [2]DS63035 ZCO LING [3]DS63035 ZCO LINGADS63039 ZCP LINGDS63040 ZCO LING

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